The Not-So-Nice Little Lamb

Hi there, folks! Manny Lamb is back with a story that hurts my heart. A site visitor wrote in requesting to share an anonymous poem about a not-so-nice little lamb. Now, if you’re like me, you love lambs. I mean, Lamb is my last name. So, if you don’t want your image of lovely little lambs to be tarnished, you may not want to read this poem.

This is not a happy poem, but it does tell a story of how darkness can spread, poisoning even the most innocent of creatures. This was not one of God’s lambs. This lamb was taken by the devil. Read the poem to learn the tale of a not-so-nice little lamb.

A Fleece as Black as Hate

Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was black as hate,

And everywhere that lamby went it left destruction in its wake.

The lamb was not always so dark,

It once enjoyed frolicking in the park.

But when the children kicked and teased,

It grew hateful and began acting as viciously as it pleased.

A bite here, a head butt there, and a stomp on little toes…

It even once decided to nip a baby’s nose.

With each day, that lamb grew blacker,

A heart grew cold, surrounded by iron lacquer.  

I’d like to say that lamby learned love,

But the thing is, lamby ate a baby dove.

The lamb swallowed the bird of love and peace like a hungry cat.

You don’t come back from that.

Animals Aren’t Always What They Seem

Someone from Gross & Schuster, P.A. mentioned that people are often receiving dog bites because they approach a dog that seems friendly. Animals aren’t always what they seem. Even a little kitten can have a vicious scratch or bite. Be careful with animals; they aren’t all as innocent as they may appear and a lot of personal injury claims occur because of animal bites.


Preconceived Notions Can Be Dangerous

There is not much to be learned from this tale of a vicious lamb. But, if you look hard for a moral, you can usually find one. I’d say, don’t let preconceived notions rule you. If you had thought, “Look at that cute little lamb. I think I will go pet it.” you might have lost a finger or an eyelid. The lesson: approach all animals with caution, even fluffy lambs and bunnies.

You just never know what kind of animal you’re dealing with. This is Manny Lamb. Visit me again soon for more information about animals.

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