Manny Lamb’s Llama Blog

My name is Manny Lamb and I’ve worked in a zoo for nearly ten years now. Thanks to the legendary Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter), I’ve had a fascination with the animal kingdom for as long as I can remember. From panthers to cobras, I’ve never been able to get over the mysticism that surrounds the animal kingdom. 

They’re creatures that respect their homes and the natural cycle of life itself. I often get asked why my favorite animal is a Llama, but the answer to that question lies within the Disney film, The Emperor’s New Groove. If we’re being honest here, that’s probably their best work of art. 

However, as much as I love animals, irresponsible pet owners put lives of everyone, including their pet, at risk. Too many bad scenarios can occur if the owner isn’t being responsible. Working at a zoo for so long has taught me that while animals may seem docile and submissive sometimes, they’re still prone to their instincts. 

No matter how well-behaved a dog may seem, anything can set them off. I’ve read countless horror stories where small children were mauled by large dogs. In each situation, the dog was either not on a leash or the owner was simply unable to control their dog. Learning more and more about these stories made me interested in the legal procedures that follow each situation. 

Eventually, I studied a variety of premise law animal attack cases. Soon, I became obsessed with the subject matter. Once I told my co-workers about my recent discoveries, they suggested that I start my very own blog. And so, was born, out of my obsessive personality. 

While this site is still growing, the goal is to have this site become a bastion of information for premise law and animal attack cases. I also encourage users to share any experiences or insights they may have regarding the subject matter. And yes. . .a series of events caused me to misspell the name of the website, but we’re not going to talk about that, okay?